Oran, Algeria

Monday, 09 May 2011

Oran, the second largest city in Algeria is located on the Mediterranean coast. This magnificent place is known for being the “birth place of the Rai music style”. It has got dry summers and warm cool winters. It’s a busy port and known as an important cultural and education place in Algeria. About one million people reside in this beautiful costal location.

international youth hostels in Oran, Algeria

There are many things to do here and if a relaxed environment is what you need, Oran is the place for you. There is a beautiful boulevard of “elegant buildings”. If you enjoy a little bit of the city life the people here are very laid back. If you want to get a feel for the city, your feet are your best mode of transportation. The people want you to feel and embrace their city and lifestyles, relax on the beach, and just simply enjoy yourself. If you want to get away, Oran is the place to stay!

The Mediterranean spirit over taking the city leaves it with a laid back vibe that will also over take you. For a lovely seen of the city check out the Santa Cruz church on top of mountains that overlook the Mediterranean sea. There’s pretty architecture and wonderful beaches for all you sight see’ers out there, or just the ones trying to catch some sun. There are tours run by the state run organization, incase you want them to show you the way, or you can just play it by ear. Whatever sounds appealing to you hopefully Oran will be the place.

Last Updated Monday, 09 May 2011

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